Monday, October 27, 2008

Day at the Zoo 10-25-08

This past weekend I got to babysit my sister's kids. On Saturday we spent the day at the San Diego Zoo playing. Craig had a camp out trip so he didn’t come with us. It was just me, Kaylie, Courtney and their friend Mackenna. The kids were great. Their friend Mackenna made my day. When we were leaving she said she had so much fun and that her favorite part of the Zoo were all the pictures. I love that kid! Anyone who will let me be a crazy paparazzi (and enjoy it) is ok in my book.

On a side note, I over heard the Zoo keepers on the radio saying the Meerkats were attacking people. At the time I heard that, we had left that area so we didn’t see anything. I don’t know much about Meerkats, but they don’t look that dangerous… Who knows, maybe they had sharp pointy teeth like the bunny in Monty Python. :o) Here are some pictures from our little adventure: