Monday, August 10, 2009

The River - Yuma, AZ.

This past weekend Don and I were invited to go to the river with his family. They also invited my parents too which was very nice. It was all in all a fun and very eventful trip. Definitely not a boring one. We sure had our little adventures and not so fun ones for some people.

My cute Mom!

Jon going tubing

Poor Jon was stuck with sleeping on the futon bay window that sat above the A/C unit. He pretty much froze through out the night and when I woke up I saw him curled up in the curtains trying to stay warm. Ok so it was really sad, but kind of funny at the same time... I know I am mean for taking a picture of it and thinking it is kind of funny.

This is everyone who went - minus my parents since they only stayed for one day. We hiked up to this miner's cabin and it had all the original tools and such in it. It was kind of cool, but it was so stinkin' hot. I "B" lined it back to the boat while most of the group went on to find the mine.